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Our patient's results

Chronic Herpes Zoster present for more than 10 months prior to acupuncture. 


After six acupuncture treatments, complete resolution.  


Conditions seen

Back Pain

General, acute or chronic backache, back pain, lumbago, sciatica.

Neck Pain

Mechanical neck pain and stiffness.

Shoulder Pain

Frozen shoulder and other shoulder pain.

Elbow Pain

Tennis elbow, golfers' elbow, (epicondylitis). 

Knee/Hip Pain

Hip and knee pain, general arthritis pain.

Rheumatic Pian

Joint and muscle pain.


Difficulties falling or staying asleep, disturbed sleep, waking tired.


Feeling low, lacking of joy in life.


Chronic or acute headaches and migraine prevention.


Stress, tension, anxiety, inability to relax.


Certain types of digestive problems.

Menopausal symptoms

Hot flushes, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, tiredness.


Inability to consive.

Skin Conditions

Certain skin conditions like shingles, acne, etc.

Period Pain

Crumps, pain during periods. Prolong, too short or absent periods.


Low or high pitch sound in the ear.

Chronic Fatigue

Lack og energy, getting tired very quickly.

Other Conditions

Please get in touch to see if we can help.

What our patients say

spa stones

"I felt  relaxed and fell asleep during the cosmetic treatment."

Jane, Bishop Auckland

spa stones

"I didn't believe in acupuncture. After my first session of auricular acupuncture for stress management, I noticed that I was much calmer the week after. Now I am hooked and have gone back for more. Highly recommend."

Marzena, Darlington

spa stones

"I was nervous about acupuncture because had never had it before. I was so surprised that the whole procedure was painless!"

Elaine, Spennymoor

spa stones

"A professional touch to heal my problem related to my back pain. Appreciate her genuine service. A thumb up to her knowledge and definitely recommend!" 

Elena, Bowburn

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